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Arus Mudik, Lonjakan Penjualan BBM Tertinggi Terjadi Di Brebes Dan Kebumen

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JAKARTA – PT Pertamina (Persero) reported the highest rise in fuel oil (BBM) sales during the 2022 Lebaran comeback period, which occurred at Brebes Regency in Central Java.

During the homecoming influx, the increase in fuel purchases in Pribes reached 813 kiloliters per day, an increase of 120 percent over the normal rate of just 368 kiloliters per day.

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The region had the highest fuel consumption during the Lebaran homecoming period in Kebumen Regency at 678 kL/day, or an increase of 119 percent over normal conditions of 309 kL/day.

Then followed by Tegal Regency at 743 kL / day, or an increase of 102% compared to normal conditions at 366 kL / day.

At the height of the Lebaran or H-2 flow home, fuel consumption increased 41 percent compared to normal conditions, said PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Sub Holding Commercial & Trading (Persero) president, Alfian Nasution.

That number exceeds the initial estimate, which was an average increase in repatriation influx in Libaran in the past year of only 11 percent.

Thus, Pertamina in the return flow will prepare the same expectation to maintain the fuel supply.

“In reverse flow, Pertamina was able to meet the needs of BBM passengers, which increased by 29 percent at its peak, and the number appears lower because the distribution of back flow passengers is more fluid,” Alvian said in a written statement. 05/2022).

Alvian continued, the area with the highest fuel consumption during the 2022 Homecoming period occurred in Brebes Regency.

Alfian expressed his appreciation to all parties that support the smooth operation and success of energy services throughout Ramadan and Eid 2022.

Alvian concluded: “All Pertamina services will not be realized without coordination and synergy with all relevant parties. Thank you for your support for the smooth distribution of fuel.”

Pertamina Batra Nyaga is currently alerting the Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr 2022 Task Force (Ravi Task Force) until 16 May and anticipating continued travel of people.

Report: Muslim Trisyuliono | Source: Gridoto

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