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Berpihak Pada UMKM, E-commerce Ini Jadi Favorit UMKM

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The results of the Katadata Insight Center (KIC) survey titled “MSME Study Report 2021: The Role of the Marketplace for MSMEs” show that the market plays a major role for MSME players in the transition of business out of online to online during the pandemic, where 77% of respondents are also taking advantage of the marketplace as a place to market products to survive in the midst of a pandemic.

72% of respondents also mentioned that the marketplace plays an important role in providing many promotions, such as free shipping, cashback, discounts and others, so that they can entice consumers to shop in SME-owned online stores.

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The benefits felt by MSME players cannot be separated from the seriousness of market companies such as Tokopedia to continue to focus on the “local” by fostering digital economic growth in the region through various service innovations, including the one is the Hyperlocal Initiative.

The Hyperlocal Initiative is here to address one of the challenges of MSMEs, which is to reach more people in various parts of Indonesia while helping business activists, especially local MSMEs, to continue to be relevant to the times and to become champions in their own country.

This initiative also supports SMEs in the region to get the widest possible scene, where Tokopedia is pushing geolocation technology to bring buyers closer to the seller closest to their home.

Several programs and forms of hyperlocal initiatives are also featured by Tokopedia to help MSME businesses in Indonesia, including Local Indonesian Shopping Time (WIB), Preferred Stores Collection (KTP), Tokopedia NOW! and Served by Tokopedia.

Local Indonesian (WIB) Shopping Time: Presents the local WIB and WIB shopping festival from the 25th to the end of every month. Local sellers can get higher visibility in the local WIB campaign.

Collecting Preferred Stores (KTP): Bringing buyers closer to the nearest seller through the geolocation feature, so regional MSMEs have the opportunity to grow and grow

Tokopedia NOW! : A service that helps people get the basic necessities – including basic food items, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, snacks and more – with the guarantee that they will arrive at the maximum two hours after payment.

Served by Tokopedia: As a fulfillment service that allows Tokopedia sellers to store inventory of products in “smart warehouses” in various regions, especially in high demand areas. With Tokopedia Served, Tokopedia is committed to providing reliable, fast and free nationwide delivery.

Currently, smart warehouses served by Tokopedia are spread across Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Palembang and will continue to expand to other cities to support the Hyperlocal initiative.

With a series of commitments displayed by the company, Tokopedia recently received an award from the Selular Award 2022 in the category “MSMEs’ ​​most preferred e-commerce”.

In addition to winning the Best MSME Favorite E-commerce award, Tokopedia also won 3 other categories at Selular Awards 2022, namely: Most Trusted Brand, Best E-commerce, as well as Excellence in Performance for Mr. Leontinus A Edison, Co-Founder and Vice President, Tokopedia.

For information, this year’s Selular Award is themed “Winning in Digital Ecosystem” and it is the 19th time since 2003.

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