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Bisnis Tumbuh Double Digit, VICI Raih Predikat Emiten Terbaik 2022

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Report by reporter, Choirul Arifin

JAKARTA – PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk (VICI) issuer has won the Best Issuer 2022 award for the Cigarette, Pharmacy & Household Sector category as it is considered to have good business performance in 2021.

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This award is given to companies that have achieved outstanding performance throughout 2021 and is awarded by Investor Magazine. In 2021, VICI has done a lot of business innovation.

Last year, VICI registered a positive achievement amid the Covid-19 pandemic by registering double digit sales growth of 10.2% to R1.15 trillion compared to the achievement of the same period in 2020 of R1.04 trillion.

Overall, the company also managed to make a gross profit of Rs 573.78 billion, an increase of 10.5%. In addition, the company also registered an increase in its net profit of 19.5% to 177.2 billion rupees in 2021 compared to the same period in the previous year of 148.4 billion rupees.

The winner of the award for the best transmitter 2022 refers to the selection and ranking stages which refer to several criteria. Among them, one-year stock returns (April 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021), stock liquidity and volatility over the same period, three-year sales growth, net operating margin (NM), return equity (ROE), asset turnover (ATO) and three-year operating profit growth.

“This award is a form of appreciation for the Company’s excellent performance over the past year. This is a major asset to enable us to continue to improve our performance even further in the future. said Billy Hartono Salim, Chief Executive Officer of PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk (VICI).

Billy, said that the title of best issuer in 2022 was obtained based on the results of the ranking and the results of a survey of 200 respondents among analysts, investment managers, pension funds, insurance companies, individual investors and observers of the capital markets.

“Going forward, the company will continue to strive to maintain aggressive growth in various ways, one of which is to carry out various innovations in delivering new products that complement the product line in accordance with demand. market,” said Billy Hartono Salim.

He added that under current conditions, continuous innovation is needed because consumers want something new.

“This innovation is an important thing that we always insist on the whole team to keep presenting something new and in line with market trends. We continue to encourage the team to always present new innovations that are necessary and useful for many people.” Billy added.

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