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Dukung Program Presiden, Peruri Gunakan Meterai Tempel 100 Persen Berbahan Baku Lokal

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Press report, Coroll Arefin

Jakarta – In support of President Joko Widodo’s call for ministries, corporations and state-owned companies to increase the use of local ingredients in order to encourage the growth of the local industry, Peruri is currently using a scramble whose raw materials are 100% locally sourced.

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Since 2020, the company has implemented raw material components for overseas stamps, all of which come from local production, said Peruri President Dwina Septiani Wijaya. Among them are the raw materials of holographic security paper and safety ink.

The changes that started just two years ago for the stamp duty product are a tangible form of Peruri’s support for the advancement of the local industry in order to encourage the national economy.

And Dwina said in a press statement to her, Wednesday (27/4/): “Before 2020, we still use imported paper raw materials to produce stamps, but since 2020 we have started to replace the use of local production as a tangible form of Priory support for local products.” 2022 ).).

Dwina said that going forward the company will continue to commit to increasing the use of local content in other products and every purchasing activity at Peruri.

In general, the stamp work printing process is divided into 5 stages, which are printing preparation, printing, checking/inspecting, finishing and delivery. The printing process itself is also divided into 4 stages, which are flatbed/offset printing, intaglio printing, serial number printing and perforation.

The stamp fee is fully printed by Peruri himself, but the raw materials for the security paper are sourced from PT Kertas Padalarang which is a subsidiary of Peruri and the security ink is from PT Sicpa Peruri Securin which is a subsidiary of Peruri with Sicpa Switzerland whose factory is located in Peruri Karawang production area.

Since its establishment in 1971, Peruri has the main competence as a company that guarantees the authenticity of the products produced by implementing several safety features.

For paste-stamping products, the safety features that Peruri uses on stamping paper include fading UV holograms, dry glue on the back side of the paper and visible fibers.

For you to recognize the authenticity of the postage stamp, here are the characteristics on the patch stamp, including: rectangular shape, feels rough to the touch, there is an image of Garuda as the country symbol of Indonesia, the text “SEET TEMPEL” and the text “DATE” Number “20”, text “TEMPEL”, ​​nominal text “10,000”, text “TEN THOUSAND RUPIAH”, there are serial numbers and holes.

Peruri signed a cooperation contract to print 10,000 philatelic stamps for the second phase of the 2022 budget with the Directorate General of Taxation.

It was signed at the head office of the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) by the President of Peruri, Dwina Septiani Wijaya with Zaeni Latif, Head of Equipment as DGT Compliance Officer and witnessed by President Jokowi through a live radio broadcast.

Previously, while briefing at the event to increase the use of local production (P3DN) held in JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Monday 25 April 2022, the President asked all ministries, enterprises and state-owned enterprises to increase the use of local ingredients in order to encourage local industrial growth.

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