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Jika Harga Pertalite Naik, Pemerintah Siapkan Bansos Dan Jamin Tak Melonjak Tinggi

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Journalist Report, Ismoyo

JAKARTA – The Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs revealed that the government is currently considering adjusting the price of subsidized fuel oil (BBM) for Pertalite type.

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The Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Susiwijono Moegiarso, said that if this type of fuel increases, the government will ensure that the price does not increase too much.

In addition, the government will also prepare a social assistance scheme (bansos) for people who really need it.

Susiwijono again revealed that the allocation of the Pertalite fuel subsidy was considered less effective. The reason is that there are still many luxury cars that use subsidized fuel.

“Even if there is an increase, we will not make it too heavy, and for sure if there is an increase, we will prepare more social assistance and that is more just,” Susiwijono said in Sarinah Jakarta on Monday (8/15/2022).

“Because at the current price, everyone benefits. Those who use the car also use it. We can channel this (supposedly) into social assistance,” he said. for follow-up.

The news related to the increase in the subsidized fuel type Pertalite has become a conversation in recent days.

Whereas PT Pertamina (Persero) in its report stated that the distribution of Pertalite has reached 16.8 million kiloliters (KL) till July 2022.

Looking further, the subsidized fuel quota is shrinking. For Pertalite this year, the quota is 23 million KL. It is expected that before the end of the year, the Pertalite quota will be exhausted.

But on the other hand, the government has given the signal that the state revenue and expenditure budget (APBN) is quite difficult if it has to add fuel subsidies.

“Our state budget space is enough. Perhaps in order for the selling price to not need to be high, the selling price and the economic price are very high. We calculate the need for an option to increase the price (BBM)”, said Susiwijono.

He also said that to decide on the price increase of Pertalite, very detailed discussions and calculations were needed.

Indeed, the increase in subsidized fuel will have an impact on national inflation. Thus, this decision should be made with caution.

“The numbers are all calculated. We are preparing all the numbers, we have met several times,” Susiwijono said.

“(Reaffirmed) everything is calculated. If it goes up, how much will that contribute to inflation, because rising fuel prices will push inflation up,” a- he concluded.

Jokowi Kalau Harga Pertalite Naik Mau Demo Berapa Bulan
Jika tanpa subsidi pemerintah harga bensin pertalite bisa mencapai rp 17 100 per liter hal tersebut dikemukakan jokowi saat memberikan

Pemerintah Siapkan Bansos Rp 18 T Jika Harga Bbm Dan Listrik Naik
3 hari yang lalu pertamina mencatat penyaluran bbm jenis pertalite hingga juli 2022 sudah mencapai 16 8 juta kiloliter kl dengan itu kuota bbm bersubsidi

Pemerintah Siapkan Bansos Jika Harga Pertalite Naik Inilah Com
Pemerintah masih mengkaji rencana kenaikan bbm jenis pertalite dan menyiapkan rencana pembagian bansos untuk kompensasi kenaikan harganya

Kompensasi Pertalite Pemerintah Siapkan Alokasi Hingga Rp30
Kompensasi pertalite pemerintah siapkan alokasi hingga rp30 triliun baca juga tak mau harga pertalite naik jokowi setujui kompensasi

Sebut Kenaikan Harga Pertalite Tengah Dikaji Moeldoko Sebut
Meskipun nantinya naik moeldoko menyebut pemerintah sudah menyiapkan bantuan untuk masyarakat pertalite belum dinaikkan sedang dikaji oleh

Harga Pertalite Dan Listrik Belum Naik Pemerintah Siapkan
Pemerintah memastikan belum berencana penyesuaian harga energi yaitu bahan bakar minyak bbm jenis pertalite dan tarif listrik hal ini untuk

Harga Pertalite Naik Ini Kabar Terbaru Dari Erick Thohir
Sinyal kenaikan harga bahan bakar minyak bbm jenis ron 90 atau pertalite premium hilang pemerintah siapkan kompensasi pertalite

Pemerintah Siapkan Aturan Pembelian Pertalite Dan Solar Bakal
Pemerintah memberi sinyal akan menaikkan harga pertalite dan solar liputan6 update harga mi instan dikabarkan bakal naik 3 kali lipat

Benarkah Harga Pertalite Bakal Naik Ini Kata Erick Thohir
Dia memastikan pemerintah saat ini belum berpikir untuk menaikkan harga pertalite pertalite erick thohir harga bbm bbm subsidi jakarta

Harga Bbm Bakal Naik Pemerintah Siapkan Bansos Money
4 jam yang lalu jika harga bbm naik pemerintah sudah mempersiapkan dana tambahan bantuan sosial bansos berupa subsidi bbm kepada masyarakat yang berhak

Harga Bbm Mengalami Kenaikan Sebagai Imbas Invasi Pemerintah
Harga bbm mengalami kenaikan sebagai imbas invasi pemerintah siapkan penunjukan pembelian bersubsidi pertalite di spbu coco abdul muis

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