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Kuota BBM Menipis, Stok Pertalite Cukup Untuk Berapa Lama? Pertamina Diminta Lakukan Pengendalian

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JAKARTA – The people in Bogor Regency felt the scarcity of subsidized fuel oil (BBM) of the Pertalite type.

The scarcity of subsidized Pertalite fuel was observed at a gas station located on Jalan Tegar Beliman, Bojonggede District, Bogor Regency a few days ago.

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PT Pertamina (Persero) noted that the distribution of Pertalite type of fuel oil (BBM) until July 2022 had reached 16.8 million kilo liters (KL).

This means that the quota for subsidized fuel until the end of this year is only 6.2 million KL from this year’s quota which is set at 23 million KL.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said that the reduced quota for subsidized fuel was due to increased public consumption.

Based on the 2022 State Budget, the total subsidy provided by the government for Pertalite, diesel, LPG, and electricity reaches Rp 502 trillion.

The total subsidy budget of Rp 502 trillion is based on Pertalite’s quota of 23 million kilo liters, while estimates from the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and the DPR have a quota of 28 million kilo liters.

Therefore, he encouraged Pertamina to control the distribution of subsidized fuel.

“This means that there will be an additional above Rp 502 trillion that we have conveyed,” said the woman who is familiarly called Ani as quoted from , Friday (12/8/2022).

Pertamina Ensures Two Weeks of Safe Stock

Pertamina through Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional West Java ensures that the stock of Pertalite type fuel is still safe for the next 15 days in the DKI Jakarta, Banten and West Java areas.

Area Manager Communication, Relations & CSR of Pertamina Patra Niaga West Java Regional, Eko Kristiawan stated, the distribution process for Pertalite fuel is still in a safe condition, although currently subsidized fuel has increased daily consumption.

“We also urge the public to always use quality and environmentally friendly fuel that is in accordance with vehicle engine specifications,” said Eko.

Eko said that after the issuance of the revised Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 191 of 2014, Pertamina would refer to the regulation for the distribution of Pertalite to the public.

For now, said Eko, Pertamina since July 1, 2022 has continued to open vehicle registration through the Mypertamina Precise Subsidy website for four-wheeled vehicles that are entitled to subsidized fuel with the type of Pertalite and Diesel.

Registration can also be done through the Mypertamina application and can also be consulted directly at the gas station if there are online problems.

BPH Migas urges car owners to switch to non-subsidized fuel

A member of the Committee for the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas), Saleh Abdurrahman, appealed to people who can afford not to use subsidized fuel oil (BBM), such as Pertalite and Solar.

This is due to the fact that the subsidized fuel quota is starting to run low. “We urge consumers who can afford 4-wheelers to switch to non-subsidized fuel,” Saleh said when contacted on Thursday (11/8/2022).

Saleh said the reason for the depletion of the subsidized fuel quota was the result of economic growth.

He said, economic growth increases mobility, and the need for energy.

“The reason is, the economy is growing. Community activity increases and energy demand increases. Not only fuel, but electricity too, right,” he said.

Rare Pertalite in Bogor

The difficulty of getting Pertalite type of fuel oil (BBM) at a number of gas stations in Bogor is starting to be felt by motorized vehicle users.

Especially for motorcyclists who have high mobility, such as a parcel courier worker in Bogor, Soni (22).

“There are often (find gas stations running out of fuel). Most of the cities and regencies are also there,” said Soni to , Tuesday (9/8/2022).

He also said that the type of fuel that often ran out was Pertalite.

“The empty ones are the dominant ones, the most sought after, like pertalite. So it’s like we want to focus on the first use,” said Soni.

However, this type of Pertamax fuel is considered to be more expensive, especially for Soni, who has high mobility using motorbikes.

Because the price of 1 liter of Pertamax is the same as the range of almost 2 liters of Pertalite.

“Moreover, I’m mobile, right, the courier, I have to use the frugal too, if for example we use Pertamax, we’re broke too,” he concluded.

DPR Asks for Limited Pertalite Purchases

Chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR) RI Puan Maharani asked the government to immediately implement a program to limit the purchase of subsidized fuel oil (BBM).

This is following the scarcity of Pertalite fuel in a number of areas.

“In order not to burden the APBN even more but also to reach the lower middle class, limiting the purchase of subsidized fuel can be a good solution,” said Puan in Jakarta, Thursday (11/8/2022).

According to Puan, there must be a contingency plan or a backup plan for the distribution of subsidized fuel.

The contingency plan, he continued, needs to be accompanied by an increase in the fuel subsidy budget for the people who really need it.

“DPR hopes that the government will move quickly to prepare a contingency plan (backup plan, ed) when the Pertalite quota is really critical,” said the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture.

Puan stated that the state should not allow the lower middle class to be forced to spend more due to the difficulty in obtaining fuel. (//)

Waspada Kelangkaan Kuota Bbm Subsidi Dan Dampaknya
Beredar kabar bahwa stok bbm bersubsidi di sejumlah daerah mulai menipis

Stok Pertalite Perlu Ditambah 5 Juta Kl Apbn Kuat Subsidi
2 hari yang lalu pemerintah dan dpr ri memperkirakan kuota bbm pertalite perlu ditambah 5 juta kl dari tadinya 23 juta kl menjadi 28 juta kl agar stoknya

Kuota Pertalite Menipis Masyarakat Diminta Hemat Bbm
5 jam yang lalu hal ini karena kuota untuk bbm subsidi seperti pertalite menitipis harga minyak internasional yang saat ini masih cukup tinggi

Kuota Bbm Subsidi Menipis Bisa Terjadi Kelangkaan Solar Dan
Jika kuota tidak ditambah pada tahun ini kuota pertalite hanya cukup hingga september mendatang pemerintah harus bergerak cepat semua pihak

Bikin Ketar Ketir Kuota Bbm Menipis Stok Pertalite Dan Solar Bakal
7 hari yang lalu kuota stok bbm diketahiu sudah mulai menipis hal ini membuat spekulasi banyak bermunculan mengenai peluang pertalite dan solar habis

Ekonom Kuota Bbm Subsidi Menipis Pertalite Dan Solar Bisa Langka
7 hari yang lalu jika kuota tidak ditambah pada tahun ini kuota pertalite hanya cukup hingga september mendatang pemerintah harus bergerak cepat semua pihak

Irit Irit Beli Bensin Ya Kuota Bbm Pertalite Habis Oktober
1 hari yang lalu stok bbm subsidi menipis kapan pembatasan pertalite berlaku adanya pembatasan pembelian atau penambahan kuota bbm cukup sulit bagi

Kuota Bbm Subsidi Menipis Cnn Indonesia
Kuota bbm subsidi kian menipis sampai juni kemarin pertalite sudah tersalurkan 14 2 juta kl dari pagi 23 juta kl sementara solar sudah 8 3

Kuota Bbm Pertalite Kritis Pemerintah Imbau Warga Berhemat
23 jam yang lalu sekalipun di tengah kenaikan harga minyak internasional yang saat ini masih cukup tinggi namun di sisi lain ia juga menyadari bahwa kuota

Kuota Pertalite Menipis Masyarakat Diminta Hemat Bbm Tiras Id
5 jam yang lalu hal ini karena kuota untuk bbm subsidi seperti pertalite menitipis harga minyak internasional yang saat ini masih cukup tinggi

Sambut Bulan Agustus Stok Bbm Subsisi Pertalite Dan Solar
Sambut bulan agustus kuota bbm subsidi pertalite dan solar menipis apa penyebabnya segini sisanya

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