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Menanti Data Inflasi BPS, Analis Ini Yakini Berpengaruh Baik Bagi IHSG

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JAKARTA — Today is the moment investors have been waiting for on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

This Monday coincides with August 1, 2022, which means that the Central Statistical Agency (BPS) should announce the monthly data as at the beginning of the previous month.

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BPS data, especially regarding the price of goods, has a great influence on the movement of the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI).

Referring to Bank Indonesia (BI) price monitoring survey results, inflation last July was estimated at 0.5% on a monthly basis (month on month/mom).

This is lower than the previous month’s inflation achievement, which was 0.61 months.

With inflation potential under control, Yugen Bertmbuh Securities CEO William Surya Wijaya predicts that today’s JCI will tend to strengthen.

Inflation data will also be one of JCI’s main sentiments going forward.

“Inflation data, which should be in steady numbers as the economic picture picks up and the real sector starts to move, may provide some fresh air to the JCI movement pattern for some time. time yet,” he said, in his research, Sunday (7/31/2022).

As for today’s trading session, William expects the JCI to rise in the 6789-7074 range.

According to William, research analyst Artha Sekuritas Indonesia Dennies Christhopper Jordan, predicts that the JCI will trend higher today, after the stock market index closed late last weekend in the zone. red.

Technically, Dennis said, the candlestick formed a higher high and a lower indicating a strengthening trend.

However, the strengthening range should be limited, as shown by the stochastic which is in the overbought zone, so it is necessary to be careful of a potential correction due to short-term profit taking.

“At the beginning of the week, investors will pay particular attention to certain economic data such as inflation and manufacturing data,” he said.

As for today’s move, the JCI support level is expected to move in the range of 6924-6897. Meanwhile, the JCI resistance level is seen between 7005-7059. (Rully R. Ramli
/ Erlangga Djumena)

This article was published under the title “Ahead of the Inflation Announcement, How is the JCI Projection Today?”

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