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Penerapan ‘Delay System’ Hindari Antrean Di Pelabuhan Bakauheni Lampung

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Reporter Willie Widianto

Jakarta – The government has finally allowed people to return home in 2022.

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This year’s major homecoming event focuses on ferry transportation at Merac Port, Banten.

There was a queue at the port.

However, the opposite scene was seen during the reverse flow from Bakuhini Harbour, Lampung.

There is no acute vehicular build-up problem as Merac Port has. The traffic congestion of thousands of vehicles that lasted for hours at Merak port initially raised fears that it would also occur in Bakuhini port.

Ilham Malik, President of the Metropolitan Center for Research and Innovation, Sumatra Institute of Technology (ITERA), valued the wonderful cooperation between the Police, ASDP, Ministry of Transport, and the local Department of Transport.

In addition, Elham appreciated the Lampung Police by implementing system delays or lags in the comfort zone which is a good practice for the Department of Transportation and Traffic Engineering.

“There is a theory that there is a need to adjust the volume of traffic so that the capacity ratio does not exceed one, including in ports so that it is not overloaded or too quiet,” Elham said on Monday (9/5/2022).

Elham emphasized that the “delay system” has a significant impact on the smooth flow of repatriation on roads, arteries and in the Bakuhini port.

Lampung Provincial Police said it has made all rest areas active along the Lampung traffic route to Bakuhini as temporary shelters for vehicles bound for Java.

Riders are ‘forced’ to stop there to rest. Then at the three rest areas closest to Bakauheni port, all vehicles are checked, whether or not they already have Ferryzy tickets available.

This inspection eventually resulted in a delay in the flow of vehicles and ‘queuing’ in the rest area. Not all of them simultaneously flow into Bakauheni and then can cause thousands of compounds to accumulate there.

“This approach to controlling the volume of vehicles flowing into the Port of Bakauhini is very interesting and deserves appreciation. I think that this third hypothesis, which is the application of a “flow delay system” to Bakauhini through each resting area on Lampung Road, is the most reasonable hypothesis To provide a justification for the fact that Bakuhini Port does not experience problems like those experienced by travelers at Merak Port.”

A new approach is really needed in every transfer problem. Various policies to deal with and explore problems from existing phenomena and data should also continue to be developed.

The handling approach in the form of a delayed flow system as implemented by the Lampung Provincial Police and the Transportation Department for repatriation, is part of a problem-addressing policy that has succeeded in making a significant impact on the field.

Likewise with the Contra influx, highway policies (odds and evens), relaxation of the WFH and advocacy for deferred return home are a series of policies to solve transportation problems during the homecoming period.

Elham also revealed that the travel delay or “delay system” can be done anywhere, including Java. All that is needed is a regulator to translate the existing data.

Elham concluded by saying: “Experts can advise the government in an unconventional way so that it can solve existing problems, such as traffic congestion.”

Meanwhile, YLKI President Tuls Ebadi suggested that the DOT and ASDP do more socialization in case of a policy change. This refers to the purchase of tickets that can now be made online.

“The problem is that in 2020 and 2021 there will be no homecoming. So the information about online tickets is scant,” Tolos said.

Online ticket purchases at ASDP ferry port began in 2020. Unfortunately, at that time and a year later, repatriation was not allowed, so not many people knew that ticket purchase should be online. (Willy Widianto)

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