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Rekomendasi 4 Brand Lokal Produk Kerajinan Tangan Yang Lagi Hits, Tersedia Di Shopee Pilih Lokal

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Do you know? Behind the process of making items you can own or wear today, there is a lot of great local talent involved.

As a platform that is home to millions of local entrepreneurs, Shopee prides itself on being a companion on every journey they take. Various interesting stories have been born out of every product you own or wear today.

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Created by innovation and creativity, here are 4 local brands with handcrafted products that will complement your daily activities.

1. Aromatherapy candles that make you feel at home

First, there is Scented Candle by Fel Studio, one of the local businesses that has managed to grow rapidly since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia in 2020. At that time, the founder of Fel Studio, Tufel, thought to establish a craft business by taking advantage of the opportunities of the work-from-home trend, which applies to the majority of office workers.

Through this idea, Tufel aims to present a product that allows employees and students, including young adult women, to comfortably perform activities at home. From there, aromatherapy candles became Tufel’s product of choice.

The aromatherapy candle product he launched received a very good response from Shopee customers. With Shopee, Fel Studio can now serve hundreds of orders per day and earn it a star seller title in just one month!

2. Handmade trinkets for home decoration

An alternative activity that can be practiced without having to move is to decorate the house with pretty trinkets. Seeing the opportunity offered by this activity, Adit and Ica founded the Manami Project, which is a manufacturer of home decoration accessories made from waste wood, rattan and water hyacinth.

This local MSME presents high quality handmade products, so the production is limited and has its own exclusivity. Various Manami Project products such as wooden frames, baskets, rattan jars, even placemats, are often the favorite products of Shopee customers.

Slowly but surely, the company founded by Adit and Ica continues to grow so that it can empower young people around their homes. This empowerment takes place through carpentry and packaging workshops. Using various features and promotions available on Shopee, Manami Project continues to grow to reach a wider market.

3. Need clothes for WFO? This premium batik product may be an option!

Towards the new normal, working from the office work system is being reactivated. Formal apparel products such as batik are also the target of many buyers at Shopee. MSME’s local brand, 72 Batik, founded by Sahrul, might be an interesting choice for you!

This batik garment, which is produced by a man from Yogyakarta, features superior quality products but at an affordable price. Additionally, 72 batik’s garments have their own added value as they use local materials scavenged from surrounding MSME activists.

Continuing its rapid growth, 72 Batik now has 100 members and business partners helping these MSMEs fulfill thousands of orders at Shopee every month.

4. Accessories that make the office look even cooler

Not only clothes for WFO, various office accessories such as lanyards and ID card holders are also sought after by customers in this new normal time to support the appearance of being more “cool”. One of them is a product of local MSME brand, Bukuku Indonesia, which was founded by Shela.

Seeing an opportunity in the online market, Shela started her business by modifying various products by adding 100% batik designs from Indonesia. Thanks to his creativity, various handmade accessories associated with batik, such as batik clutches, lanyards and wallets, have found success in the market.

With the features and uniqueness of its products, Bukuku Indonesia has been widely recognized by customers and records thousands of orders per month through Shopee.

The stories of the four local entrepreneurs who continue to innovate and grow their business with Shopee Select Local above are just a few of the many interesting local MSME stories to follow.

In addition to the four brands above, at Shopee Select Local there are also various other quality local products that you can use to support your daily activities!

Through its presence, Shopee Select Local aims to make it easy for you to find a variety of quality local products right on the main Shopee page.

Not only is it easier for shoppers to buy local products, the Shopee Select Local platform is also available to help local MSME entrepreneurs so their business can grow even further through access to lists of various training, mentoring and export programs.

Supported by a variety of attractive offers such as coupons and free shipping, it is hoped that Shopee Select Local can continue to make local produce the primary choice for Shopee visitors.

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